cncartoons032852-549Stephen Gardener looks at the unique challenges of planning for families with special needs children in the New York Daily News.

In Lexology, John Lueken and Eric Metzger explain the use of a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) to transfer, tax-free, a significant amount of wealth to beneficiaries while maintaining control over and enjoyment of the property transferred.

Jonathan Guyton describes how baby boomers will change philanthropy in the Wall Street Journal.

In The Art of Saying No as a Philanthropist, Paul Sullivan provides a compelling argument in the New York Times.

And finally, in a story that provides plenty of international intrigue, after a year long investigation into the Panama Papers, a report has been released which details the movement of money through offshore companies and trusts and connections to leaders from around the world.  NPR aired a segment  about the Panama Papers on yesterday’s All Things Considered: