Around The Water Cooler we typically do not dive into discussions about law review articles.  However, several outstanding law review articles have been published in the past year which deserve the attention of trustees, trust beneficiaries and others involved in the administration of trusts.

  • For the past few years, Adam Hofri-Winogradow has conducted an exhaustive

Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re talking about impact investing, family business succession planning, and estate tax liens.

  • The rise of impact investing poses unique concerns for trustees.  Impact investments are designed to align environmental, social, governance and faith-based goals with an investment portfolio.  Casey Clark and Andy Kirkpatrick examine whether impact investing is

Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re talking about investing trust assets, trust distributions for health and education, generation skipping transfer taxes, and the Uniform Fiduciary Principal and Income Act.

  • Emily Bruner offers considerations for investing assets of Grantor Trusts, Non-Grantor Trusts, Insurance Trusts and Charitable Trusts in Investing for Trusts.
  • Griffin Bridgers and

Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re talking about trust investments, the importance of updating retirement account beneficiaries, and “directed trusts.”

  • In The (Im)Prudent Man Rule at Seeking Alpha, David Kotok provides a historical approach to the “prudent man rule” regarding trust investments.
  • In an egregious case of imprudent investing, the New Jersey Law Journal

Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re talking about “Generative Trusts” and taxes.

  • Many in the trust field have long known of the work of “John A.” Warnick at The Purposeful Planning Institute.  His has long been a wise voice in the field.  If you are not aware of John A.’s work or The Purposeful

Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re discussing trustees gone wild, exculpatory clauses, and presidential politics.

  • It appears that the democratic ticket in this year’s general presidential election is not the only candidate who might have issues with a private foundation.  In Bloomberg BNA, staff reporter Colleen Murphy details alleged self-dealing at the Trump Foundation