Around The Water Cooler this morning, we’re talking about “Generative Trusts” and taxes.

  • Many in the trust field have long known of the work of “John A.” Warnick at The Purposeful Planning Institute.  His has long been a wise voice in the field.  If you are not aware of John A.’s work or The Purposeful Planning Institute, I encourage you to check it out.  John A. recently published an excellent piece on Generative Trusts and Trustees as a guest blogger on Holland and Hart’s Fiduciary Law Blog.  As John A. writes, a generative trust is one that could start out with, in the words of Jay Hughes, “This trust is a gift inspired by love, faith and hope.  The paramount purpose of this trust is to nurture the growth and well-being of the beneficiaries.”
  • And now, taxes: